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The Philemon Project’s GROW Center seeks to address the enormous challenges in Lebanon by focusing efforts on providing the best possible Christian-led, pro-social early childhood development (ECD) center and adult mentoring program. GROW welcomes underserved children and families from all ethnicities and religious backgrounds, providing a healthy place for children ages one (1) to four (4) years old to explore their world and grow: cognitively, socially and spiritually.

The Philemon Project started as a ministry to help underserved individuals to find quality reasonably priced childcare.  Moved by the plight of one migrant domestic worker, two individuals - Ms. Steph Christensen and Rev. Dr. Robert Hamd decided to open an early childhood development center. Several years later, under Robert Hamd’s leadership, the organization has developed into a Christian NGO, and is under the auspices of Resurrection Church Beirut. The center is now called GROW, to celebrate the spiritual, cognitive and social growth that the children experience while attending our program.  Over the years, the staff at the center have developed their educational expertise to provide the best Christian, pro-social, early childhood development for at-risk poor Lebanese, Syrian refugee, and migrant children. Additionally, GROW works with parents in their adult mentoring program. Mentoring the parents allows them to develop the skills they will need to create lasting, healthy, and active relationships with their children. Our Early Childhood Development center has a child-parent focused program, and we are invested in developing the whole child and the parents, as they grow together.​

Every $1 invested

in ECD produces a

$7 return in society

Investing in Early Childhood Development

We depend on the generosity of your donations to be able to provide early childhood development and adult mentoring program for the underserved. 

It costs roughly $350 per month per child to provide the best quality Christian-led ECD and adult mentoring. Our projected yearly budget comes to $314,000 for 2018. Our budget breaks down to $18.50 per child per day.

UNICEF found that every $1 invested in ECD produces a $7 future return in the societies which make this investment. Another important reason for investing in ECD is its efficacy towards breaking intergenerational cycles of dysfunction and poverty.

A recent global study found that Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs yielded immediate results in addition to the expected long-term outcomes for children and communities. For example, in the population we serve, 60% of the children benefited from improved nutrition and completed their immunizations, while 83% showed improved emotional and cognitive development.

According to the late clinical psychologist Edwin Friedman, in his book Generation to Generation, Friedman believes family dysfunctions are handed down, generation to generation. Our work introduces healthy patterns into the broad base of families we serve. As Christians, we see our work ultimately as investing in the gospel — the life-transforming message that demonstrates the love of Christ in words and deeds.

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