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Early Childhood Development Programs
Help Break Generational Cycles of Dysfunction

About GROW

GROW ECD’s goal is to grow whole and healthy children and families, making a gospel impact by sharing the love of Christ through our program, and enabling them to mature into whole and healthy adults. 

We currently have proof of concept in one development center in Bourj Hammoud, an underserved and under-resourced neighborhood in Beirut; we are in the replication phase of a second Center project in another underserved and under-resourced area of Beirut. 

The Philemon Project’s GROW Center not only provides high-quality early childhood education, but it also addresses some of the United Nations’ most pressing global issues.  The center fights food insecurity by providing two meals and two snacks per day; it decreases gender discrimination by providing empowerment to its all-female staff; it reduces child labor and trafficking by providing low-cost education to families; and the center promotes equality, respect for the individual, strong work ethic, and dignity for all.

Every $1 invested

in ECD produces a

$13 return in society

Investing in Early Childhood Development

A recent UN study found that “failure to provide quality early childhood education limits children’s futures by denying them opportunities to reach their full potential. It also limits the futures of countries, robbing them of the human capital needed to reduce inequalities and promote peaceful, prosperous societies.”


Early Childhood Development programs yielded immediate results as well as expected long-term outcomes for children and communities. For example, in the population we serve, because of GROW Center, 94% of the children benefited from improved nutrition, while 93% showed improved emotional and cognitive development.

The watershed Perry Preschool Study found that every $1 invested in ECD produces a $13 future return in the societies which make this investment. Another important reason for investing in ECD is its efficacy in breaking intergenerational cycles of dysfunction and poverty.

For a child to attend the GROW center, it costs roughly $450 per month. This amount enables her to receive the best quality Christian-led ECD, two meals and two snacks per day, medical attention, and for her parent(s) to receive adult mentoring. 

We depend on your donations' generosity to provide the best Early Childhood Development and Adult Mentoring program for the underserved. Please consider supporting The Philemon Project’s GROW Centers. 

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